Boost Wellbeing: Mental Health Exercises to Manage Negative Thinking and Anxiety

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When the word “exercise” comes up, does it immediately conjure images of physical fitness? It’s a common association in the discourse surrounding health and wellness. Yet, what about the mind? Isn’t mental wellbeing just as crucial, if not more so, than physical health? After all, what’s the value of a healthy body if the mind … Read more

Expert Says Mindful Reading Benefits Mental Health – guideline in 2024

Mental Health

I’m sudip jana, today I discuss about mental Health journey. Through this information you can increase your mental health in your life. Reading offers advantages at every stage of life. It enhances knowledge, reinforces previously acquired information, and supports children’s development, learning, socialization, and imagination. Research even indicates that older adults who read regularly often … Read more

Easy Ways to Make Vision Health a Priority in Your Life in 2024

Vision Health

In recognition of Vision Health Month 2024, the Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS) conducted a survey to evaluate Canadians’ awareness, understanding, and concerns about vision health. The survey revealed that 65% of respondents were familiar with cataracts, and more than half (53%) were aware of glaucoma. Additionally, it found that in the past two years, 71% … Read more

Top 8 Mindful Eating Tips for Weight Loss in 2024

Mindful Eating

Keep reading as we share tips to help you make mindful eating a regular part of your routine. Mindful eating, a practice grounded in mindfulness, entails giving your complete attention to the act of eating and drinking, focusing on both internal sensations and external experiences. This approach encourages a heightened awareness and an accepting, non-judgmental … Read more

Bringing peace: Using mindfulness in everyday activities helps

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Hi, I’m Sudip jana, here discuss about mindfulness activities for helpes to increase your peace. It might seem tough to find time for mindfulness in our busy lives. Even dedicating only 10 minutes daily can create significant change.   Taking a moment to be mindful can help you stay calm when things get stressful. It can … Read more

Unlocking Reproductive Wellness: Discover Mindful Practices for Optimal Health

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An expert suggests lifestyle changes to support reproductive health as the rate of infertility among men and women continues to rise. Heightened Stress Levels may decreased Sexual Intimacy, Potentially Affecting Fertility In the intricate dance between lifestyle choices and reproductive well-being, one undeniable truth emerges: amidst the complexities of modern life, reproductive health often finds … Read more